Bitemarks and Bloodstains

Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Today is Wednesday if you hadn't noticed. But its more like thursday when you think about it! This is exciting for me because it means one less day until the weekend. I fucking love holidays. Its kind of sad to think how much we live for the weekend. I mean even on Monday people are asking what my plans are for the weekend... or what I did last weekend. It never ends. Weekends are only 2 days and there are a whole other 5 days in the week we just do not care about. Well anyway... This weekend is gonna be awsome.

Actually, I'm gonna stop right here and tell about my week instead of my weekend, just to be different. Ok so today I went to work and it was hot and I sweat a lot and loaded a bunch of stupid freight into a stupid trailer for

Umm ok this is lame


Thursday, October 28, 2004

Warped Tour August 14, 2004

Hmmm lets see...

So parking at Warped Tour is pretty much retarded. They have this huge parking lot and no fucking entrance! So we have to park a mile down the road. That's cool though because we just sat in the car for 3 hours and needed to stretch our legs. Colin wastes no time and whips out his peach snapps. Now as Colin forces this feminish liquid down his troat, Paul and I laugh and explain to Colin how it will come back up sooner or later. Having had enough he leaves it in a drainage pipe to be retrieved later.

Now this was a few months ago, but lets see what I remember. Oh right! We lost Colin pretty early and decided there was nothing better to do then, you guessed it, hit the beer tent. As we are knocking 'em back Alexisonfire gets on stage. I got right in there as close as I could. They were fucking insane. Someone even passed out. Then "wtf" their set is done after about 5 songs. I was pissed. Back to the tent. Well it wasn't much of a tent. More like a fenced off area for drunken assholes. After some more beer... Colin was found.

We got even more drunk. Came across Steve from work. Got a bit more drunk. Then yes it happened.
"Colin are you alright?"
"Yeah man OHHHH"
"Dude he's gonna hurl!"
"No no I got---"
*Up comes the peach snapps*
"You okay?"
*Down goes another beer*

So we watched some more bands like Boys Night Out(awsome), Bad Religion(eh), The Salads(cool), and others I forget because it was so long ago.

Ok so a band called Avenged Sevenfold headlined this great event. What a job they did!!! I went crazy. They rocked the shit out of us. Then when we met up with Paul again, he says "Hey was that Good Charlotte?" It was funny.

So then it was over and we had to split. Drove to some guys house I don't know, who seemed pissed we all came. He gave us plenty of food and more beer. It was great. We felt like leaving because we had such poor sleeping conditions. But, Paul was gone.
"hey Paul we are gonna go now"
"No man 10 more minutes"
.......Mike and Colin pass out..........
the next morning we left.

Can't wait until next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh and yes Colin did pick up his Peach shit which was still there. Not because he hid it well, but because nobody wants to drink that shit.